Autonomous Robots PPT PDF Slides

Autonomous Robots

Overview (ppt)

Introduction to motion control

  • Slides on control: (pdf, ppt).
  • Slides  on Katie’s intro to the lab: (pdf).
  •  Slides on the joint modeling paper : (pdf).

Probability/Sensing (ppt).

slides on sensors: (pdf)

Kalman Filters (ppt, pdf).

Slides from the book: (ppt, pdf).


  • Slides  (ppt).
  • Slides about the legged localization paper: (pdf).
  • Slides about the Hester and Stone paper below: (pdf).


  •  Slides on ZMP: (pdf)
  • Slides on bipedal robot control: (ppt)

Action and sensor models

Slides on ASAMI: (pdf)

Multi-Robot Coordination

Slides on continual area sweeping (pdf)