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Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence PPT Slides

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence


  1. introduction to AI
  2. problem-solving using state-space search
  3. uninformed search algorithms
  4. informed/heuristic search
  5. local search and optimization
  6. constraint satisfaction problems
  7. adversarial search and game-playing
  8. propositional logic
  9. first-order logic
  10. inference for first-order logic
  11.  knowledge and uncertainty
  12. Bayesian networks
  13. Introduction to machine learning
  14. Machine learning: part 2

    Foundations of Artificial Intelligence PPT


    Artificial Intelligence PPT


    INSTRUCTOR: Geiger, Davi

    Books: Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach. (Second Edition) by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig 



    1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.
    Intelligent Agents (ppt)

    2. Problem Solving: Search, Informed Search, Game Playing
    Search (ppt)

    Informed Search (ppt)

    Adversarial Search (ppt)

    3.Computer Vision and Inference
    Introduction to Computer Vision and Inference (ppt)

    4. Knowledge and Logic
    Propositional or Boolean Logic (ppt)

    First Order Logic (FOL) (ppt)

    Inference in FOL (ppt)

    The extra class is this Friday, April 11th, at 3 pm (*not 5 pm*) in room 109, WWH. We will complete the inference in first order logic.

    5. Uncertainty & Learning
    Uncertainty and Probability (ppt)

    Bayesian Probability (ppt)

    Learning (ppt)

    Evaluation: 60% final exam, 40% mid term exam. Hoemworks are provided to help students learn the material, but no grading will be done.

    Midterm Exam: Tuesday March 11th.
    MidtermExam.Solution (pdf)  

    Final Exam: May 13th, 7pm to 9 pm
    It covers all the material in the course, including chapter 18th, but not chapter 20th.
    Last year, 2007, exam and solution is  here (pdf)  

    Homeworks: Students are encouraged to work with others. There is no grading. Solutions will be posted two weeks after the problems are posted.

    Homework1 (txt)
    Posted January 30th.

    Solution1 (pdf)
    Posted February 20th.

    Homework2 (txt)
    Posted February 20th.

    Solution2 (pdf)
    Posted February 27th.

    Homework3 (txt)
    Posted April 1st.

    Solution3 (pdf)
    Posted April 20th.

    Homework4 (txt)
    Posted April 20th.

    Solution4 (pdf)
    Posted April 20th.