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Computer Organization and Architecture

Computer Organization and Design PDF LECTURE SLIDES

Computer Organization and Design

Textbook: Computer Organization and Design The Hardware Software Interface, Third Edition, by Patterson and Hennessy
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Chapter 1 finish, Numbers
Start Encoding Instructions
Finish Encoding, start Spim [addi.s, add.s, hello.s, addvals.s]
Spim Tutorial
Accompanied assembly files: asm.tar.gz
Test and Branch, Start Procedures: basics, more; some sample codes: v2ForClass.s, leafFunction.s
Number formats
Characters, bytes & Addressing
Compiling & linking
Pipelining – a
Pipelining – b
Cache memory
Virtual memory
OS Overview
Synchronization – 1
[Notes on locks]
Synchronization – 2
Memory Management
Virtual Memory

Computer Systems PDF SLIDES

Computer Systems

Instructor: Hal Perkins
Textbook: Computer Organization and Design, Patterson and Hennssy
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1.: Course Introduction; PH Ch. 1 (background reading, skim/skip performance evaluation material), sec. 2slides annotated slides
2.: Memory and number representations, PH Sec 2.4, slides
3. MIPS instructions, PH Sec. 2.1-2.3, slides annotated slides example program: lecture03.s
4. SPIM, PH appendix B, slides, example programs: hello.s add.s addi.s addvals.s
5. Control flow; PH 2.6-2.7, B.9, B.10 through p. B-50, slides annotated slides
6. Procedures; PH 2.8, B.5, B.6 slides
7. Procedures
8. Procedures and programming examples annotated slides
9. Machine language; PH 2.5, 2.10  slides  annotated slides
10. Machine language (concl.); Pipelining I, PH 4.1, 4.5  slides  annotated slides
11. Pipelining (cont.)
12. Pipelining II; PH 4.6 pp. 356-357 only, 4.7, 4.8 (skim/skip hardware diagrams)  slides  annotated slides
13. Memory hierarchy & caches; PH 5.1-5.2  slides
14. Caches slides; PH 5.3
15. Caches (concl.) slides; Midterm review
16. May 5: OS overview; SG 1.1, 1.4-1.9, 2.1, 2.3-2.4, 2.6-2.7; rest of ch. 1 & 2 is good background reading.  slides
17 OS overview, protection and context switching
18. Processes; SG ch. 3 through 3.3  slides
19. Processes (concl.); Threads; SG ch. 4 generally for background, 4.1-4.2 in detail  slides
20. Threads
21. Scheduling; SG 5.1-5.5 (skim math for cultural enrichment)  slides
22. Synchronization;  SG 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 (skim), 6.4-6.5, 6.6 (skim), 6.7  slides
23. Synchronization;  compare-and-swap
24. Deadlock; SG ch. 7  slides  annotated slides
25. Memory management and virtual memory; PH 5.4, 5.5  slides  annotated slides
26. Demand paging and page replacement; SG ch. 9 through 9.4.5  slides  annotated slides
X. No class, Memorial Day holiday
27. Disks and file systems; PH 6.3, SG 10.1-10.3, 10.6, rest of ch. 10-12 has much useful information if you have the time.  slides
28. File systems; SG ch. 7; Course wrapup

Computer Architecture and Organization PDF Slides

Computer Architecture  and Organization

Lecture notes (in PDF formats)

  • Overview (pdf-2 or pdf-6)
  • Performance Evaluation (pdf-2  or pdf-6)
  • Instruction Set Architecture  (pdf-2 or pdf-6)
  • MIPS ISA: An Example  (pdf-2 or pdf-6)
  • ALU Design I: Basic (pdf-2 or pdf-6)
  • ALU Design II: Multiplication (pdf-2 or pdf-6)
  • ALU Design III: Divide and Floating Point (pdf-2 or pdf-6)
  • Datapath Design:  Single Cycle Implementation, Part I (pdf-2        or pdf-6 or pdf-notes       )
  • Control Design:  Single Cycle Implementation, Part II (pdf-2       or pdf-6       or pdf-notes)
  • Datapath Design:  Multiple Cycle Implementation, Part I (pdf-2       or pdf-6 or pdf-notes)
  • Control Design:  Multiple Cycle Implementation, Part II ( Skipped )
  •   Pipelining,  Part I (pdf-2        or pdf-6 or pdf-notes)
  •   Pipelining,  Part II (pdf-2       or pdf-6)
  • Memory Hierarchy: Overview (pdf-2       or pdf-6)
  • Memory Hierarchy: Cache System (pdf-2       or pdf-6)
  • Memory Hierarchy: Virtual Memory System (pdf-2        or pdf-6)
  • Input/Output System: Bus (pdf-2         or pdf-6)
  • Input/Output System: Role of Operating System (pdf-2         or pdf-6)