Computer Fundamentals PDF LECTURE SLIDES

Computer Fundamentals

Textbook: Computer Fundamentals

Description: The course provides a brief introduction to digital literacy, The Internet, Computer Ethics, and Computer Applications.

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Social Computing

Social Computing and Wikipedia

Computing Technologies

  1. Embedded Computation
  2. Wireless Technology Computing
  3. E-Commerce
  4. Computing Technologies

Microsoft Word 2007

  1. Creating a Research Paper
  2. Creating a Cover Letter and Resume`


The Internet

  1. A Brief History of the Internet from McKinnon Secondary College
  2. Finding and Evaluating Information on the Web from Prentice Hall Inc.

Computers in Society

  1. Computers at work, School and Home from Prentice Hall Inc.
  2. Freedom of Speech in Cyberspace from San Diego State University

Personal Safety online at Prentice Hall

Computer Ethics

  1. An Overview of Computer Ethics from Paradigm Publishing (Property of Paradigm Publishing)
  2. Netiquette in the Workplace from Washington and Lee University

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Excel

Integrating Word, Excel and PowerPoint