Introduction to Visual Basic Lecture Notes

Introduction to Visual Basic



Commercial GUI Design/Development Approach

Microsoft Visual Studio and Visual Basic (.NET Version)

Programming Languages

Visual Studio Components

Object-Oriented Programming Terminology

Getting Started with Visual Studio

Before Using Visual Basic

Launching Visual Basic

The Integrated Development Environment

The Toolbox

Set Up Your Work Environment

Resetting the Default IDE Layout

Building the Ch01VBUniversity Application

Plan the Project

Setup the Project and Form

Naming Rules and Conventions

Build a Form Like This One

Saving and Running a Project

Name and Text Properties

Locking Controls

Program Coding

Accessing an Event Procedure

The Remark Statement

Switching Between the View Designer and View Code Windows

Accessing Intellisense

The Assignment Statement

The Clear Method

The Close Method

Printing a Form

Finish Coding the Application

Managing Projects

Copying Your Project to a Flash Drive

Opening an Existing Project

Program Errors

A Clean Compile

Design Time, Run Time, Break Time

VB Help


Solution to In-Class Exercise