Software Engineering PPT Slides

Software Engineering

Lecture 1, Introduction to Software Engineering.PowerPoint

Lecture 2, The Software ProcessPowerPoint

Lecture 3, Feasibility Studies and Requirements DefinitionPowerPoint

Lecture 4, Management I: Project ManagementPowerPoint

Lecture 5, Documentation and Requirements AnalysisPowerPoint

Lecture 6, Requirements Analysis and SpecificationPowerPoint

Lecture 7, Management II: Business and Legal Aspects of Software EngineeringPowerPoint

Lecture 8, Source Code ManagementPowerPoint

Lecture 10, Formal SpecificationPowerPoint

Lecture 11, Object-Oriented Design IPowerPoint

Lecture 12, Object-Oriented Design IIPowerPoint

Lecture 13, Object-Oriented Design IIIPowerPoint

Lecture 14, System Architecture I: Data Intensive SystemsPowerPoint

Lecture 15, System Architecture II: Distributed and Real Time SystemsPowerPoint

Lecture 16, System Architecture III: Distributed ObjectsPowerPoint

Lecture 17, Design for Usability IPowerPoint

Lecture 18, Design for Usability IIPowerPoint

Lecture 19, Performance of Computer SystemsPowerPoint

Lecture 20, Coding StandardsPowerPoint

Lecture 20 (Second Half), Tools for Debugging IPowerPoint

Lecture 21, Dependable Systems I: ReliabilityPowerPoint

Lecture 22, Dependable Systems II: Validation and VerificationPowerPoint

Lecture 24, Legal IssuesPowerPoint

Lecture 25, Management III: Managing PeoplePowerPoint

Lecture 26, Risks in Software EngineeringPowerPoint

Lecture 27, Software Engineering as EngineeringPowerPoint