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Object Oriented Software Engineering PPT Slides

OBJECT-ORIENTED SOFTWARE ENGINEERING PDF By Professor : Glenn David Blank Lecture notes and assignments: Lecture 1: Software process life cycles (Powerpoint). See an overview of Larman’s UML process. Lecture 2: Inception phase. Lecture 3: Requirements analysis and specification Lecture 4: More about inception, requirements and use cases Lecture 5: Domain modeling Lecture 6: System Sequence Diagrams […]

Object Oriented Software Engineering PDF Slides

OBJECT-ORIENTED SOFTWARE ENGINEERING PPT Professor : Glenn David Blank Lecture Slides: Lecture 1a: Course objectives (Powerpoint). Lecture 1b: Classes in C++ (Powerpoint). Handout for lecture 1b/c: a few C++ code fragments,  illustrating data abstraction, inheritance and dynamic binding (Word document) Lecture 2: Why software engineering? (Powerpoint). Lecture 3: Requirements and Use Cases(Powerpoint) Requirements specification for Undo […]